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VIRTINS Multi-Instrument Pro 3.6 Multilingual Full Crack

VIRTINS Multi-Instrument Pro 3.6 Multilingual Full Crack

VIRTINS Multi-Instrument Pro 3.6 Multilingual Full Crack
Multi-Instrument is a powerful multi-function virtual instrument software. It is a professional tool for time, frequency and time-frequency domain analysis. It supports a variety of hardware ranging from sound cards which are available in almost all computers to proprietary ADC and DAC hardware such as NI DAQmx cards, VT DSOs, VT RTAs and so on. It consists of the following instruments and functions.

Digital Oscilloscope
Transient Recorder
Data Recorder
Lissajous Plot
Digital Filters
Persistence Mode
Equivalent Time Sampling

Signal Generator
Function Generator
Arbitrary Generator
Burst Generator
White Noise Generator
Pink Noise Generator
MultiTone Generator
MLS Generator
Musical Scale Generator
DTMF Generator
Frequency Sweep
Amplitude Sweep
Fade In/Fade Out
DDS & Streaming Modes
DC Offset supported

Voltmeter, SPL Meter,
Frequency Counter, RPM Meter,
Counter, Duty Cycle Meter,
F/V Meter Spectrum Analyzer
Amplitude Spectrum Analyzer
Power Spectrum Analyzer
Real Time Analyzer
Octave Analyzer
Phase Spectrum Analyzer
Correlation Analyzer
Freq. Response Measurement
Distortion Analyzer
Noise Analyzer
Harmonics Analyzer
Dynamic Signal Analyzer
Coherence Measurement
Transfer Function Measurement
Impulse Response Measurement

Spectrum 3D Plot
Waterfall Plot

Displacement, Velocity, Acceleration

Data Logger
8×8 Derived Data Point Logger
151 Derived Data Points
16 User Defined Data Points

Device Test Plan
User Defined Plan
8 X-Y Plots
1 Test Report
LCR Meter
Inductor Meter
Capacitor Meter
Resistor Meter
Impedance Meter

DDP Viewer
Display Derived Data Points
HH, H, L, LL Alarming

Software Customization & Development
Most Flexible Configuration
ActiveX Automation Supported
vtDAQ & vtDAO Open Interfaces

System Requirement
Windows XP/VISTA/7/8, 32 or 64 bit, screen resolution 1024×600 or higher.

ADC/DAC Hardware supported
8/16/24 bit Windows compatible sound card (MME/ASIO driver)
NI DAQmx compatible cards
VT DSO F1/H1/H2/H3 series
VT DAQ 1/2 series, VT DAO 1 series

Language supported
English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian
Simplified Chinese, Traditional, Chinese, Japanese, Korean ...

SIZE : 44 MB



VIRTINS Multi-Instrument Pro 3.6 Multilingual Full Crack


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