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PingPlotter Pro Full Keygen

PingPlotter Pro Full Keygen

PingPlotter Pro Full Keygen
Network administrators need to be ready for various events that don't necessarily mean virtual attacks. Keeping a network, server or a website active means constantly monitoring incoming and outgoing packets to make sure connectivity is flawless. Amongst others, you can use PingPlotter Pro to carefully monitor multiple addresses and trigger alerts when unexpected events occur.

Create and save custom workspaces

The application's design is pretty intuitive, with adjustable panels so you can clearly view packets, timelines or project elements so you can quickly access them. What's more, you can save your workspace configuration to use for multiple tasks and this comes in handy because you can slightly customize the view with more or less tabs and sections.

Configure connection settings and trace multiple targets

A neat advantage is the possibility to simultaneously trace multiple addresses, with detail windows stored in tabs. Connecting to a target is easily done by manually writing down either the URL or IP address in a dedicated fields. All targets are saved in a list so you can quickly access them later on.

Hitting the “Start” button is all it takes to send a few packets to the selected target. On the other hand, there are several settings to configure, depending on the testing scenario. For short-term analysis, the sampling number can be set, with the default value being unlimited, trace intervals can be specified in seconds, as well as the number of samples to include.

Gather and save packet info

As soon as the process is put in motion, all packets are displayed, with a timeline view updating in real time according to your specifications. Each element you select highlights all of its components for better view. Bringing up the context menu enables you to manage a few more settings like obtaining whois info, display summary, show graphs or even configure alerts.

Set up alerts for various scenarios

The notification system gives you the possibility to set up several parameters to be announced of any changes. As such, you can write down a custom name for easy identification, set the number of samples to examine, the method used which can either be for latency and packet loss or MOS, multiple target configurations, as well as the action to trigger when conditions are met.

To sum it up

On an ending note, PingPlotter Pro is a handy network administration tool with which you can constantly keep an eye on multiple targets and receive alerts whenever unexpected events occur. The clever design lets you quickly accommodate while tab support gives you the possibility to simultaneously monitor multiple URLs or IP addresses.

What's New in version
• We worked hard on this release to streamline workspace management for our Professional edition users (with some benefits to Standard and Free as well)
• PingPlotter now keeps track of the last workspace you used and reopens it automatically each time you launch PingPlotter. No more confusing options to set them to load again
• For users of Standard and Professional versions, we also gave you a quick option to open with a clean workspace every time. In your options just choose "Do not open targets on launch" and we... um... won't open any of your targets the next time the program is launched
• In the process of streamline workspaces, we squashed a number of bugs that affected session management, workspaces, and switching between different sets of data
• And while we were "under the hood" we made some speed and general performance improvements. Tune-ups are always a good thing

• 10 megabytes of disk space. This does not include any saving of collected data in PingPlotter.
• 16 megabytes RAM

OS: Windows 7 / 8 / 2008 / 10 (32/64-bit) and Server 2012

SIZE : 12.8 MB



PingPlotter Pro Full Keygen


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